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About 12th Paw

Meet Amanda, 

owner & operator of

12th Paw Mobile

My Story

My career started out as a bather for a corporate salon.


I was told I wouldn’t last a month.


Maybe I was stubborn and had something to prove.

Either way, six months later I was still there and wanting to grow my skills and become a groomer. Through obstacles and 'grooming school' that was offered by the store, I became the Salon Manager within the following 5 years. I was given no tools to learn how to be a manager, but I gave it two more years before I found myself looking for another job.


I found a job working at a small salon doing all the tasks an owner should do on top of my job responsibilities. I had so many ideas I wanted to accomplish, but I didn't have the control as I wasn't the owner. I moved to another shop closer to my home, working both in the salon and retail area. I learned I loved every second of the experience as well as the ins and outs of a successful business. I was ready to start hatching a plan for a business all my own.


I started taking business classes at a local community college. I took any and every class I could that I knew I could grow from. All of them helped to really start building my plan. I consulted with colleagues to get tips and advice from them, but nothing prepared me for the official launch.


Some laughter, tears, and several years later, here I am and I love it. Seeing animals and helping them is the highlight of everyday for me.


My Qualifications

  • Certified by King County Health Dept.

  • Business Compliance Certification Course

  • Salon Sanitation training

  • Hair & Skin training

  • Geriatric Grooming Training

  • Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Handling Special Needs Dog's training

  • Puppy Handling 101 training

  • Canine Massage

  • Certificate of Completion from The American Kennel Club AKC Poodle Grooming

  • Mobile Grooming Certified

  • Certified Canine Esthetician

  • Member of the Washington Association for Professional Pet Groomers

  • 20+ years experience

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